One of the purposes I went to Singapore is to visit my friend’s restaurant. He started the restaurant 6 months back. Before started, he was in Taiwan for “Hell” training for 1 month. Since then, I told him I definitely will pay him a visit when I was in Singapore. In fact, I visited the restaurant twice during my stay in Singapore. Oh, the restaurant is called Water Drop Teahouse. It is a vegetarian restaurant and located inside the Fo Guang Shan temple, in Punggol.

Just after you stepped out from the elevator (Oh, the restaurant is located at 3rd floor of Fo Guang Shan), you will see a beautiful decoration before you headed to the main entrance of the restaurant.

Main entrance.

Inside the restaurant.

If you don’t want to sit inside the restaurant and want to get some fresh air, you can choose to have a seat outside.

My friend was busy when I was there. It was Saturday and the restaurant was crowded with customers. However, he still come and serve me. I ordered 3 drinks: Chrysanthemum Tea, Lotus Tea and Honey Lemon.

Chrysanthemum Tea ($2). Not too sweet, I like it.

Lotus Tea ($2) that recommended by my friend. The fragrance was a little bit weird. This is the first time I taste on the Lotus Tea. Maybe that is why. Overall, it was quite unique and acceptable.

Honey Lemon ($2). It is a very normal drink, you can get it anywhere. Although it is very normal, I like it very much. The taste was just great. Highly recommended.

For the main course, I chose to have Vegetarian Noodle. My friend suggested on the Tom Yam Meehoon, the daily’s special food for the restaurant.

Vegetarian Noodle ($4). It comes with a lot of chopped mushroom. It is almost the same with the minced meat noodle, just that the mince meat is replace with the mushroom.

Tom Yam Meehoon. It’s not that spicy that I’m expecting. I think it is because Singaporean cannot eat too spicy. Not bad.

Besides these two main dish, I also ordered some snacks. From the 10 snacks on the menu, I ordered Crispy Ginger, Fried Tofu and Fried Spring Rolls.

Crispy Ginger ($2.50). For those who like ginger, this is a must order item. When you first bite on the ginger, you will not feel the spiciness of the ginger. But after few chew, you will start to taste the spiciness. I cannot finish all of them. I took away the left over.

Fried Tofu ($2.50). It is another must try item from the menu. The Japanese Tofu is being used for this dish. The tofu was slightly fried and served with some vegetarian spices on top.

The Fried Tofu was soft. The spices used was a bit salty, but it was just fine. If without the spices, the tofu will be tasteless.

Fried Spring Rolls ($2). It comes with 5 mini spring rolls.

The spring rolls were crispy. I forgot to ask my friend on the filling. It seems to have yam inside, besides the vegetables. I need to confirm with him. I like this very much.

Peanut Tofu. I am the first customer who tasted this dish. This is the very new snacks from Water Drop Teahouse. It will only appear in the menu by next year. I am so honored to have the chance to
taste this.

At first, when I see this snacks, I thought the brown sauce on top was made by the brown sugar. I was wrong. It was salty and not sweet. The taste was a little bit weird for me. I prefer it to be sweet rather than salty. I told my friend about my concern. He told me this is based on the Taiwanese snack, that is why it was salty and not sweet.

I was happy to have my lunch there. The dining experience was comfortable and great. The price was reasonably cheap! I was satisfied with all the food prepared by my friend. Since I not yet tasted all the food in the menu, I told my friend I will visit him for the second time before I go back to Penang. Please stay tune for my second visit post.

For those who are residing in Singapore or happen to go holidays in Singapore, if you want to have a good vegetarian food, don’t forget to pay a visit to Water Drop Teahouse. Do mention my name, maybe you can get a discount from my friend. ^.^

How to go there
The easiest way is to take the North East Line MRT (Purple Line). Stop at Punggol station, the last station. When you are out from the MRT station, try to look for the Fo Guang Shan building. It was a 5 to 10 minutes walk from the Punggol MRT station.

Fo Guang Shan building.

Water Drop Teahouse is open from Tuesday to Sunday and close on Monday. The operation hours are as below:
Tuesday – Saturday: 10am ~ 8pm
Sunday & Public Holiday: 10am ~ 6pm

Water Drop Teahouse
Fo Guang Shang
1 Punggol Place Singapore 828844

(65) 6411 0599


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24 Comments on Water Drop Teahouse @ Singapore Fo Guang Shan (First Visit)

  1. Kikey Loo says:

    Will visit him, if I go to SG.

    by the way, the Vegetarian Noodle and Fried Spring Rolls photos are too dark. Use the method I taught you, edit a little bit.

  2. allenooi says:

    The photos you mentioned are not dark at all from my side. I am not sure why you say they are too dark. Maybe you need to adjust your laptop brightness instead. By the way, all the photos have been edited before they are posted. :)

  3. Hmm I liked the deco..and wahh..cant finish ta-pau somemore??! wat did u do with the ginger? went to the cinema n snack on it??
    Also, nice more shaky hands? ;p

  4. [...] Water Drop Teahouse @ Singapore Fo Guang Shan (First Visit)In fact, I visited the restaurant twice during my stay in Singapore. Oh, the restaurant is called Water Drop Teahouse. It is a vegetarian restaurant and located inside the Fo Guang Shan temple, in Punggol. … [...]

  5. Any more food review to share???

  6. PenangTuaPui says:

    wow.. u go to his outlet a.. aiyo… din ask.. may be we can go togetehr ma.. wanna meet him in person…

  7. allenooi says:

    Yes lo, can’t finish sure ta pau one mar, if not wasted the food only. I took it back for my aunt to try it. Hehe.

    About the photos, I took quite a number of times, that is why you never see those shaky photos! Hahaha. Those food with the chopstick, I used one hand to hold the food and another hand to take the photo. It comes out quite nice. Not bad! :)

    New Kid,
    Yes, of course there is. Sorry for not updating since I was not around for more than 10 days. There will be a second visit post. Please stay tune.

    It’s in Singapore. You also in Singapore the same time as I do? If I knew you were there, for sure I will ask you to go together with me. Never mind, you can go ahead and visit him next time. Tell him my name. Hahaha.

  8. buzzingbee says:

    that’s something different…thanks for sharing :)
    the food looks light and healthy!

  9. constance says:

    hahaha aiyo if only i had the time to go with you the other day. oso want to see Ronaldo ma. maybe i will drag Ah Boy one day..

    the food looks yummy. the place look very serene and peaceful too. a good place to relax with a good meal. thanks for sharing

  10. allenooi says:

    They are really healthy!

    You should go with me in the first place!!! Try to make it another day with ah boy to support Ronaldo. Hehe. The restaurant is really peaceful and relax!

  11. sharon says:

    I went there once… Nearly can’t recognise AKK as he looks not the same from the picture in his blog… keke…

  12. What innovative use of ingredients! I enjoy vegetarian food that doesn’t load up on the mock meat and creatively use original ingredients! Peanut tofu sounds awesome!

  13. [...] Water Drop Teahouse @ Singapore Fo Guang Shan (First Visit) [...]

  14. I know in KL and SG got water drop teahouse. Don’t know why PG don’t have. Moreover I am the member of FGS still don’t know why they don’t wanna build one in PG. Think the crowd here are not that much required keh? How about I go and get permission and we jaga the PG branch 1?

  15. allenooi says:

    I knew you were there. He is the same la. Just that you are the first time meeting him, that is why.

    The food there are nice. If you have the chance, must try them.

    Are you serious? You can ask about it. No a bad idea though.

  16. GenYong says:

    Yo that’s yummy. I wonder that Singapore got so so high class restaurant. Eating in the good condition is enjoy… This restaurant not easy yo~! Do business until have own office. Good!

    Actually Singapore food will more yummy than Penang local food? haha.

  17. valarie says:


  18. AKK says:

    Hi there,

    Thanks for the visiting & your very well writen compliments.

    Actually I was very happy when your 1st visit to my teahouse,
    too bad as I was busy with something else, not spending much time to entertain you, very paiseh nia…

    Hopefully may meet you again when your next visit to SG :)

  19. allenooi says:

    This is my friend’s restaurant. If you happen to go Singapore, you must go and try it out ya, support him. Hehe.

    I also tried most of the food. I will have a second post on my second visit. I not yet post it. Stay tune.

    Finally you are here and leave the comment. This post is specially written for you. But about the food description and taste, I wrote it base on my view. Ya, you are very busy at that time. I also shy to disturb you. Hope to dine in your restaurant in the near future.

  20. allenooi says:

    Yes, AKK restaurant. If you go S’pore, must go support him.

  21. There’s a Water Drop Teahouse in Penang as well. It’s opposite Hong Leong Bank and Esplanade.

    Their otak-otak is amazing!

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