It has been a long time since I have lunch with my 2 ex-colleagues. We worked in the same team for more than a year and became good friends since then. I always wanted to join them but time is not allowing me to do so due to our different schedule. One week ago, I suggested to have a meet up session with them. They agreed. The next thing to think of, where to go for lunch. This is the hardest question to us. After listing out the suggestions, we decided for Azuma Japanese Restaurant, which is located in the 2nd floor of Penang Queensbay Mall, just beside Harvey Norman.




The menu stand at the entrance. You can flip through the menu and most important, look at the price, before you make any decision to dine or not.


There is another promotional board just opposite the menu stand. Azuma Japanese Restaurant is having Father’s Day Special for the whole month of June.


Just after we got seated, we were given the menu.





Cutlery Set


Soy Sauce, tissues and tooth picks.


After ordering and waiting for some time, our food arrived.

Watari Gani Jyu (RM18), soft shell crab with rice. It comes with a Miso Soup and a pickle. My friend ordered this. Actually 3 of us wanted to order the set of the month. My friend knew I wanted to take photos, she decided to order this instead. At least, I can have different food photos.  So nice!!!


One of them asked me to take it with the box cover.


Close up photo which I will not miss. I tasted some of the soft crab. Nice.


This is the set of the month, Akami Steak To Geso Salada, pan fried tuna steak in special sauce served with cuttlefish tentacle salad, rice and miso soup. Usual price will be RM35. During this promotional period, it was at RM18.


Pan fried tuna. It has a strong butter smell and taste.


Cuttlefish tentacle salad.


If you don’t want the white rice, you can exchange it with the Garlic Fried Rice, with additional RM2 charges.


On top of the main course, we also ordered the Kaisen Celery Itame (RM12), fresh seafood stir fried with celery. This is also one of the promotional item. Normal price will be RM22. It is just a normal dish. If without the 3 big prawns and some squid, it is not worth the price.


After the meal, we were served with the free green tea ice cream.


The ice cream taste good. Too bad it is only a small scoop. I prefer they provide us more. Yummy.


Some of the surrounding photos.







Overall, the food served in Azuma Japanese Restaurant was good. I just tried the set, never touch on the sashimi and other food yet. The environment is good, as you can see the Penang Bridge if you have a window seat. The time for serving the food is reasonable, no complain on that. For the price, I think it is a bit expensive over some of the food. If there is no promotion on the set lunch, I will think twice before ordering it. RM35 is a bit too expensive, RM18 is still acceptable.

I have a nice lunch in Azuma Japanese Restaurant with both of my friends. I think they are the same too. Hope to have our next lunch session soon in future.

2F-87 (South Zone), Queensbay Mall
100 Persiaran Bayan Indah
11900 Bayan Lepas

Tel: 04-641 3118
Fax: 04-641 2180


Business Hour: 11.30am to 10.30pm daily

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24 Comments on Azuma Japanese Restaurant @ Penang Queensbay Mall

  1. Jiin Ling says:

    Nice place to dine, must find one day go try out the foods. For me the photos are nice especially the one on the menu. I seldom take foods photos so cann’t really give you comment but overall the photos are prefect expecially for new DSLR user.

  2. Lilian says:

    I’m really impress…WOW…
    Thks for putting up w/ all nice shots…

    Really enjoy to sit down w/ old buddies. Thks for the arrangement. We should have it again, but not in Azuma:p

  3. cariso says:

    Last time the ice cream scoop size is bigger one….but now…it shrinks.. :(

  4. J2Kfm says:

    this place is rather good. for a japanese restaurant in a shopping centre. :)

    slightly pricier than the average, but quality-wise, not bad.

    the pizzas are good.

  5. mimid3vils says:

    Kaisen Celery Itame definitely overpriced with the small portion!!!

  6. Waco says:

    I like their pizza. Yaki Udon also not bad. These are two items I usually recommend to first timers there. Their eggplant, however, is slightly disappointing.

  7. ah…. you bought a new camera liao? Photos look nice bor….

  8. I am craving for green tea ice cream after reading this!
    Haven’t visited this restaurant yet. Hmm…

  9. allenooi says:

    Jiin Ling,
    Don’t forget to ask me along ya….. I want to try other food.

    Nice to have lunch with both of you. When is our next session and where?

    Ya la…. So small. Not enough!

    Agree with you. Price is above the average. Will try the pizza during next visit.

  10. allenooi says:

    Yes, is definitely over priced.

    Will order the pizza next time, since J2Kfm also mention about the pizza and Yaki Udon as well. Thanks for the recommendation.

    Yes, bought liao. If not no camera to take photos! Nice bo? Hehehe.

    Food Promotions,
    Go try out one day. Then you can blog about it. :)

  11. Mei Wah says:

    wow, i should really go to this restaurant the next time i go to penang! and you gonna treat me! heheee… :)

    the ice cream do looked yummy though. that’s why they keep you wanting for more – they gave you small tiny portion! hahaa poor thing…

  12. Steven Goh says:

    Cariso, he bought the camera long time ago liao, even at the Te Chang You Tiao already got. Btw, really hope to see more posts coming up.

  13. allenooi says:

    Mei Wah,
    Come come…. I have been waiting….

    Who said I bought the camera since Te Chang You Tiao? That time is my camera broken. I used my hp to take those photos. For Hot Wok and Ko Fu Loft, I used my friend’s camera, not mine. I will try to post more if I went out to eat more often. :)

  14. Piggy says:

    nice nice :) ….ha ha……

  15. buzzingbee says:

    oh new cam?? what model?
    nice pics…
    I’ve still not tried the food here yet. :(

  16. NKOTB says:

    Never ever try their ramen. It was very disappointing. Their teppanyaki food are nice, ie. fried rice… but not the ramen.

  17. allenooi says:

    Nice hor…. When want to go eat again? Hehe.

    Hehe, yes new cam. You will know the model when we meet. :)

    Noted, thanks for the advice. I wish to go there again next time.

  18. sock peng says:

    i also went to this restaurant last tuesday

  19. allenooi says:

    Sock Peng,
    How was it? Nice?

  20. sam says:

    I went to this restaurant back half year ago. The two most unforgettable dish is chicken teriyaki and fried rice. The best i had so far, though i have been to relatively limited japanese restaurants. Wonder when i’ll be back to Penang, an i’ll drop by and order the 2 must have dishes.

  21. Elline says:

    This restaurant is a rip off actually, not worth trying out.

  22. Peen says:

    agree with Elline ^_^

  23. Ning says:

    Their ice cream is nestle vanila ice cream…
    they just add green tea powder in the ice cream…
    is not the true green tea ice cream…
    i worked there before…
    and their foods are really small portion and overpriced…
    Now are their ice cream still free??
    I thought last time they say need to pay d…
    I agree with Elline too…
    not worth to try…

  24. rafidah says:

    nice restaurant…i like it…..but,i wanna know… that HALAL or not!!!!because i am muslim……….who can tell me!!!!

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