I get to know about the Old Town Kopitiam breakfast from the radio advertisement for quite some time. Every time I listen to the ad, I tell myself I want to give it a try. However, time is not allowed me to do so. Besides, Penang has so many nice hawker food during breakfast, it is hard to decide on what to eat. Few weeks back, I finally decided to bring my mum to have the breakfast at Old Town Kopitiam, Bayan Baru branch. At the same time, I can train my food shooting skill as well, one stone kills two birds. :)


I waited for quite some time for the menu but seems like no one is free to entertain me. I have no choice but to raise my hand and asked for the menu. The menu is different from my last visit. It looks new and “shining”.



There are total of 5 breakfast choices:

1. My Toast (RM4.50) – Kaya and Butter Toast (Single), Omega Soft Boiled Eggs and Kopi O or Black Tea (Hot/Cold).
2. My Meehoon (RM3.90) – Meehoon Siam and Kopi O or Black Tea (Hot/Cold).
3. My Nasi (RM 5.50) – Nasi Lemak Classic and Kopi O or Black Tea (Hot/Cold).
4. My Noodle (RM5.50) – Noodle Soup with Egg, Sausage & Vegetables and Kopi O or Black Tea (Hot/Cold).
5. My Western (RM6.50) – Toast, Sausage, Egg, Red Bean and Kopi O or Black Tea (Hot/Cold).


If you don’t like the Kopi O or Black Tea, you can switch your drink by adding additional RM1. There are 3 choices:

1. Old Town White Coffee (Hot/Cold).
2. Fresh Lemon Tea (Hot/Cold).
3. Old Town White Milk Tea (Hot/Cold).

I ordered My Toast and my mum ordered My Meehoon. For the drink, we just stick to Kopi O, without switching to other drinks.


This is our Kopi O (Black Coffee).  The Kopi O was  too bitter without putting the sugar. I need to get the sugar from another table.


Kaya and Butter Toast. This is a MUST order when dine in Old Town Kopitiam. I like it a lot.


2 small strips of butter inside the toast. The toast on that day is a bit cold. I prefer it to be warm.


Next, 2 Omega Soft Boiled Egg. It is nice to have it with soya sauce and pepper.


Meehoon Siam. My mum left a bit for me to taste. It is sour and a bit of spiciness, but nice, especially the chili/sambal. At first, I thought Meehoon Siam will come in a small plate, since this breakfast set is the cheapest among all. I was wrong. It comes in quite a big portion.


Overall, it was a good decision to dine at Old Town Kopitiam for breakfast. From as low as RM3.90, you can have a wonderful breakfast, to cheer up your day. The Kaya and Butter Toast was still up to standard. Meehoon Siam was a bit surprise to me. My mum likes it. If you are bored of Penang hawker food, try to have your breakfast at Old Town Kopitiam.

Old Town Kopitiam Breakfast is served until 11am from Monday to Friday. It is not applicable for Weekends and Public Holidays.

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13 Comments on Breakfast @ Penang Bayan Baru Old Town Kopitiam

  1. Lilian says:

    Nice coverage:) Good boy bring mom for breakfast…

  2. allenooi says:

    Wow, you are fast! I just posted. Ya, become good boy. Haha.

  3. J2Kfm says:

    good thing they’re offering this promo set for breakfast.
    seems like fast food outlets are having lunch promos everywhere nowadays!

  4. Duckie says:

    i wanted to try the breakfast so badly .. woke up and drove all the way there only to know know that they open at 8am. by then i need to get to work already.

  5. LOL. How can anyone get bored of Penang hawker food??
    I totally banned Old Town, hehe..but here in KL for these type of chain restaurant Pappa Rich is the better one.

  6. Jiin Ling says:

    photos skill improve a lot make me wanna go eat the breakfast now but too bad today is saturday :( good review.

  7. I try their breakfast before, twice with friends.The portion is quite big. Whenever i had the nasi lemak for breakfast, I will skip the lunch as too full. ^-^

  8. allie says:

    too bad the the Queensbay outlet is opening at 10am. If it open at 9am, I would hv old town breakfast everyday ! :)

  9. meiyi says:

    what time is the breakfast menu until?

  10. meiyi says:

    so lazyyyyyyyyyyy to wake uP for food during weekends..!!!

  11. buzzingbee says:

    no time to try out the breakfast sets during weekdays!!! :(

  12. Crystal says:

    Ladies and gentleman, dun talk so highly about Old town breakfast. U can easily get nice quality breakfast anywhere. Not forcing urself to finish the whole bowl. Sometimes we go for good quality food and not quantity. The mee siam is so normal. People tend to be more and more selfish with food. We need education about food that we take daily. Not becos of the brand that is selling.

  13. ElanaNHele says:

    I need to to many thanks for this excellent read!!

    I certainly loved every little bit of it. I’ve got you bookmarked to look at new stuff you post

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