I seldom go out of Penang island to have lunch or dinner. This time, I went to Jalan Raja Uda in Butterworth to have a steamboat dinner due to a friend gathering. It’s already 7.30pm when I reached.


As you can see, there are so many steamboats on top of the stalls.


Besides, the place is crowded with people.


After waiting for some time, here comes the steamboat ingredients. This is only part of them. Later, we have additional order on some of the items.


Prawns. I have forgotten whether I have eaten this or not since there are only 5 to 6 prawns in a plate.


Fried bean curd.




Fish balls. I like meat balls more. We have ordered extra meatballs but I never take the photos on it. There are Mee Hoon and noodle as well.


Chili sauce.


For steamboat, the most important thing will be the soup. Luckily, the soup for Zi Wei Yuan Steamboat really tastes good. Yam is one of the ingredients inside the soup.

Do you notice anything special from the photo below? Yes, it is the charcoal. The steamboat is using the charcoal, instead of the gas stove. As you can see, the charcoal is put in the center of the steamboat.


See, all the hungry ghosts. Cannot wait any longer to enjoy the steamboat.


Here is the fire. It makes the steamboat becomes special. Hard to see fire in the center of steamboat.


Steamboat is a good choice when you dine with a group of friends. The more people you have, the more lively it will be, right?

No. 6525, Jalan Raja Uda
12300 Butterworth
Tel: 04-331 2736 / 012-452 4741

Business Hour:
6pm ~ 11pm, closed on every Wednesday

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10 Comments on Zi Wei Yuan Steamboat @ Jalan Raja Uda, Butterworth

  1. sock peng says:



  2. winnie says:

    i just went thre on last 2 weeks~~~
    steamboat quite nice~!!
    i lov the fish~~
    5 ppl eat abt RM 180~~

  3. skyip says:

    I was used to been there but getting lesser now. The steamboat price is not as reasonable as previous…

  4. NKOTB says:

    this is the best steamboat in butterworth…

  5. lingzie says:

    im not a fan of steamboat but i really like the steamboat here! the soup base is very tasty!

    did you try the ‘yew tiao’ and ‘ham chim peng’ from the stall opposite zi wei yuan? its also very good!!

  6. ck lam says:

    I have not visited this place. Love to visit it one day…

  7. allie says:

    THe soup base is good, but one thing I don’t like about this kind of steamboat is the charcoal dust is flying around :P

  8. mimid3vils says:

    never try charcoal steamboat before, it’s hard to get @ KL also~~

  9. Lynee says:

    Does it have pork?? Bcoz I dont eat pork due to my religion. My family doesnt mind if they are serving beer. just no pork. =)

  10. allenooi says:

    They do serve pork.

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