It has been a long time I never go to town area for breakfast. I am lazy and it is far from my place. My friend who stayed near me suggested to go town for breakfast one day. I am OK and agree. We headed to Nagore Road, to look for a restaurant called siTigun. It is easy to spot. It is the same row as the Sugar Dynasty Dessert.


Both of us want to order Cappuccino at first. Due to the sake of photo taking, I changed my order to hot chocolate. However, siTIgun is famous with its coffee. I have been recommended to order the coffee instead. In the end, my friend changed to Latte while I stick to my Cappuccino.

Latte (RM 5.80)


Cappuccino (RM 5.80)


Croissant with Bacon, Egg, Butter and Jam (RM 7.80)
This is the only breakfast set that I can order. I want to order spaghetti but it is only available after 11am. Sigh… However, this breakfast set seems not bad at all.


The croissant is fresh, I like it. The bacon is a bit too small and the portion of Scramble Eggs is just nice. We cut the croissant into 2 and stuff it with bacon and egg. It’s not easy to cut since the croissant is crispy. It becomes messy if you are not good at it.


After finished our breakfast, we walked around and took some photos. There is a little garden at the back of the dining area.


You can sit and relax by the garden while you are having a cup of coffee. Relaxing.





While taking photos, the boss Tigun Wibisana explained to us on the coffee they have and what is the difference if compare to the normal coffee. On the left hand is Sumatra Arabica Coffee while Bali Robusta Coffee is on the right. These are the coffee seed before roast. Mr Tigun will roast the coffee every 2 weeks.


Coffee Roaster.


Robusta is in the round container and there are 3 containers for Arabica.


My friend wanted to taste the Robusta. She is actually asking for a cup. But the boss is too kind to let her taste it for free. I also tried a teaspoon of it. It was bitter at the first time. If continue to drink, you will feel not that bitter anymore. My friend seems to like it so much until she bought a packet of it.


My friend’s Robusta Coffee. The coffee taste is so strong. The car is full of the coffee smell for the whole return journey.


siTigun’s boss and his lovely son.





Opening Hour.


Definitely I will go there again to try out the cakes, muffins and spaghetti. Many said the cakes and muffins are nice. If you want to find some place for relaxation, siTigun Coffee House will be your choice!

Address: 15-17 Nagore Road, 10050 Penang.
Tel: 04-228 7108

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17 Comments on siTigun Coffee House – A Bicycle Pit-Stop Café @ Penang Nagore Road

  1. Duckie says:

    coffee looks good. have yet to try there.

  2. sock peng says:


  3. cariso says:

    I always order their croissant, did not miss it even once. :)

  4. Lilian says:

    Western breakfast is not my preference, anyhow the way you describe it was not bad:)

  5. Waco says:

    I seldom take western breakfast but I like to have a Kopi-O Kosong if I feel tired in the morning. Will try their coffee. Hehe…

  6. Cakes & muffin is good ah? *eyes BIG*

  7. mimid3vils says:

    the scrambled egg is a bit overcook :(

  8. michelle says:

    I think I will enjoy the atmostphere there more than their coffee as I don’t really like coffe

  9. Dan Knape says:

    Hi, Your coffehouse looks atractive quite nice and relaxing! Congratulations to you and your wife! You have a wonderful baby! / Bodil and Dan

  10. M.Bik says:

    I would say they have the best coffee in Asia! I could smell the coffee before stepping into the cafe, the coffee, the “real” tiramisu, the croissant…. oh-so-tempting… Love the tatami and “waterfalls” in the garden, very homey feel!

  11. SAndrews says:

    Been there a few times, and as a coffee lover and an accredited barista who travels looking for the best coffee, si Tigun’s coffee is actually average at times and terrible on a bad day. Espresso is not very good and here’s why: it’s a water-downed over extracted coffee.

    All their Arabica beans are dark roasted, loosing their natural bean characteristics. Visually it is very close to Italian roast, passing “Full City”. It’s either the green beans are not very good or due lack of experience in roasting, they choose a safer dark roast.

    If you think that’s good coffee, then you should try “Whisk” in Empire Shopping complex just next to Subang Parade. Fresh coffee, perfect grind & silky foam.

  12. Jen says:

    don’t like Tigun, not what i would call a place to hang out unless u into riding bikes on weekends. baby running all over, coffee not good and average food. is the bar made out of wood crate for shipping bikes?

  13. hwa says:

    owner is an arrogant dick.

  14. ken-ong says:

    haha not only me!! i oso tot their coffee was bad.

  15. Samantha says:

    Well , I have been there for about 2 years.
    For Me, The Owner- Tigun is Not as what you think he is…
    I learn a lot of stuff from him..Not Only Coffee stuff, bicycle travel..and etc..
    From my of view, every owner of a shop have their own style of running their business.
    If we like the style , we enjoy it .
    If we dont like just dont go next time..
    Thats why u can see why some of the people like it very much and some of them dont like!
    This is an individual preference, point of view and acceptance level.
    I have been there for quite some times and i did saw some of the customer are really sucks!
    Remember that this is people’s shop, We have to respect the way they run the business.
    Dont smoke if the shop is prohibited of smoking..- Simple rules~!
    Coffee wise is also up to individual preference too~!I Use to bring my friends to Sitigun, Some of them dont get use to the Dark roast coffee as they never try it before and some of them just love it!
    Personally ,I like dark roast coffee bean cos the taste is strong enough to satisfy my taste bud.
    Anyway,It’s up to you~!

  16. kopi says:

    this place is over-rated.

    not what i expected. average kopi only.

  17. monnaLee says:

    The barista making a great cup of espresso! I love the breakfast and coffee!

    *****Hwa, that’s not nice to say bad words in reviews at all!

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