I always remember about US Pizza for their US Tuesday. I will wait until Tuesday only call them up for the delivery as I will get the Double Tuesday promo and free shipping (minimum order of RM25). To my surprise, this promo is still valid until now! Currently, there is only one US Pizza outlet in Penang, which is located at Greenlane, near to Gembira Parade.

us pizza 01
Let’s start with the drink. I ordered Frozen Naked Lemonade RM6.50, which is not a bad selection at all.

us pizza 02

Followed by Mushroom Soup RM 5.95. It looks very normal, but it has lots of chopped mushrooms if compare to other pizza outlet.

us pizza 03

I like bread a lot, so both Crazi Garlic Twist RM3.95 and Cinnamon Twisty Bread RM3.95 are totally my favorite. It’s a must try item from US Pizza.

us pizza 04

us pizza 05

If you want to have a healthier meal, Grill Chicken Salad RM12.50 can be your choice. The grilled chicken is tender and nicely marinated. Like it a lot.

us pizza 06

Among so many pizza outlets, US Pizza has the best chicken wings ever. Between the New York Wings and Florida Honey Wings, I prefer the latter one.

New York Wings RM12.95 (8pcs)

us pizza 07

Florida Honey Wings RM13.95 (8pcs)

us pizza 08

After all the starters, here comes the main course, Pizza!

US Pizza has launched a new pizza – San Francisco Fabulous 4. With this new launch promo, you can grab this fabulous pizza at RM38 only and available all day long (until further notice). However, it is only available for dine-in. It is a great deal as without the promo, you will need to pay extra RM14.95 just to have this pizza. What is so special about this pizza, you may ask. San Francisco Fabulous 4 uses the US Pizza Thin and Crunchy Crust, and have 4 flavors in one pizza!! There are:

(i) US Pizza Made Carbonara Sauce, Tempura Prawn, Chunky Crabmeat stick, Capsicum, Mayonnaise, Mix Herbs, Onion
(ii) US Pizza Made Carbonara Sauce, Spicy Chicken, Capsicum, Onion, Mushroom, Pineapple, Cayenne Pepper
(iii) US PIZZA Made Duncan Sauce, BBQ Smoked Duck, Onion, Pineapple
(iv) US PIZZA Made Duncan Sauce, Chicken and Beef Pepperoni, Pineapple, Onion

So, now you know why it is so worth it with just a price of RM38. I like the tempura prawn pizza the most. It is just amazing. Yum!

us pizza 09

Besides the San Francisco Fabulous 4, US Pizza has also launched the all new 6″ Crunchy Pizza at the price of RM12.95. The crust will be more crunchier than the existing thin & crunchy pizza as it is baked to more brownish and burnt, so you could felt the crunches (available for 9″ regular and 13″ large as well). This 6″ Crunchy Pizza is available on all 17 existing flavors.

If one 6″ pizza is not enough for you, you can grab the Fantastic 4 priced at RM32.95. What is Fantastic 4? It is actually a set of Four 6″ Crunchy Pizza. With this great bargain, again, you will save a total of RM18.85 if you order the Fantastic 4! You can use the RM18.85 to get the chicken wings and the twist. How nice it is!

New Yorker – Chicken or Beef Pepperoni, Mushrooms, Chicken Meat Loaf or Ground Beef.

us pizza 10

Penang Special – Green Pepper, Onions, Tuna, Spicy Anchovies & Cayenne Pepper.

us pizza 11

Italiano Chicken – Italiano Herb Chicken Chunks, Onions, Mushrooms, Creamy Carbonara Sauce, Mayonnaise & Italian Mixed Herbs.

us pizza 12

Tom Yam Chicken Delite – Tom Yam Chicken, Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Pineapple & Onions.

us pizza 13

Aloha Pizza – Chicken Meat Loaf, Pineapple & Double Cheese.

us pizza 14

Spicy Chicken Delite – Green Pepper, Onions, Mushrooms, Chicken, Pineapple & Cayenne Pepper.

us pizza 15

US Favorite – Chicken or Beef Pepperoni & Double Cheese.

us pizza 16

Tuna Delite – Green Pepper, Onions, Tuna, Pineapple, Double Cheese & Mayonnaise.

us pizza 17

Italian Way – Chicken or Beef Pepperoni, Mushrooms, Green Pepper, Onions, Chicken Meat Loaf & Oregano.

us pizza 17a

Regular Hand Tosses Half and Half Pizza RM25.95 (Regular Hand Tosses Pizza (9″) at RM23.95, Half n Half add on RM2). We opt for the Ocean Delite and Jumbo Special. Sometimes, I still prefer the hand tosses pizza in a way that it will make you full while the thin crust pizza is just like a snack for me.

In US Pizza, you have 3 choices for the Crust selection:
(i) Original Hand Tossed with no additional charges
(ii) Thin N Crunchy with add on RM1.50 for Regular and RM2.50 for Large
(iii) Garlic Cheese with add on RM1.50 for Regular and RM2.50 for Large

us pizza 18

If you don’t want to have pizza but more towards to pasta, US Pizza also has a range of pasta to suit your taste.

US Pizza Lagsana (Chicken) RM19.50 – Combination of (Chicken or Beef) Bolognese Carbonara Sauce & top with Mozzarella.

us pizza 19

Italiano Spaghetti RM17 – Premium Chunky Concasse Sauce with Italiano Herb Chicken.

us pizza 20

Ocean Carbonara RM17.50 – Combination of Shrimp & Crab Meat with Creamy Carbonara Sauce.

us pizza 21

You can get the free 6″ Crunchy Pizza by following 3 simple steps as below (T&C apply):

us pizza 22

US Pizza Flyer.

us pizza flyer 1

us pizza flyer 2

US Tuesday

Overall, I like the Tom Yam Delite Pizza. It is very spicy but you will want more and more after you start eating it. The crunchiness of the thin crust for the All New 6″ Crunchy Pizza is so good until you will continue eating and finishing the whole pizza in a short time. The San Francisco Fabulous 4 is also a MUST try pizza when you dine in US Pizza, especially the Tempura Prawn Pizza. Also, will not forget my favorite Crazi Garlic Twist and Cinnamon Twisty Bread. I am glad that US Pizza is still on business. At least, consumers will have a choice when come to Pizza, rather than just the Pizza outlet starts with the letter D.

Address: 3D Lorong Delima 1, Green Lane, 11700 Penang, Malaysia.
Phone: 04-6552828; 1300-22-3838
Business Hours: 11am – 10pm

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