Talk about vegetarian food, some people will put it in the bottom of the list if they need to make a decision on what to eat. People don’t like it mainly because most dishes are vegetables and fake meat. For me, I am OK with vegetarian food, or should I say, I like it a [...]

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allenooi on January 31st, 2010

Chinese New Year is approaching. Many cookies can be found, no matter where you go. Have you bought any yet? If no, let me recommend some CNY cookies which are very nice and delicious. It was made by Bearbee Foodstop. All the cookies are home made. There are 3 types of cookies: Almond London, Cornflake [...]

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allenooi on February 11th, 2009

* This restaurant is no longer in business.* I am honored to be invited again by the food blogger for the food review. This time, Lingzie is the one who organizing it. Thanks to her! I almost missed this food review session if not Mr. Criz told me about it. Thanks to him too! When [...]

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One of the purposes I went to Singapore is to visit my friend’s restaurant. He started the restaurant 6 months back. Before started, he was in Taiwan for “Hell” training for 1 month. Since then, I told him I definitely will pay him a visit when I was in Singapore. In fact, I visited the [...]

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