Since Penang Gurney Plaza has its new wing, this is the 3rd or 4th time I step into it. I seldom go to Gurney Plaza because Queensbay Mall is nearer to me. Most of the time, I will only go to Gurney Plaza for some purpose: gathering with friends, go to the Popular Bookstore, watch movie in GSC or go for a food review. This time, for sure I am going for a review. It’s an invited session by Jason and Gelatissimo.


Gelatissimo is a small shop lot along the Gurney Place. It is the at the end if you are walking from Winter Warmers. If you are coming out from the new wing, it is the first shop lot, just beside Manila Place.



History of Gelato


After reading the history, do you actually know what is the difference between an ice cream and gelato? If you ask me, I have totally no idea. In fact, I just knew about gelato years back when I am in US. My brother treated me. That is the very first time I have gelato.

Differences between Ice Cream and Gelato (taken from

1. Overrun” (or aeration) of gelato, which is a lot less then ice cream – resulting in a more solid, richer texture (air content in gelato can be as low as 15%, air content in ice cream can go up to 50%).

2. Gelato is not frozen as solidly as ice cream, giving it a smoother, creamier feel.

3. The amounts of basic ingredients found in both – milk/cream, sugar, sometimes eggs – differ slightly also, with gelato having only milk (or water, depending on the flavor) or milk and a little cream, which not only means less fat (2-8% fat vs.the16-20% found in ice creams), but it means the added flavorings are the real star, not the dense, fat-laden cream (nothing against fat-laden cream, mind you) which can cover delicate and subtle flavors.

4. Gelato is usually made in small batches, and usually made with seasonal ingredients, resulting in much fresher flavors.

In short,

GELATO = less fat + no air added = rich creamier taste (taken from

Clear now? I hope so. :) OK, back to Gelatissimo.

On the side of the shop lot, you can see the menu.



Currently, Gelatissimo is having promotion conjunction with the Mega Sale Carnival.


These are the cups used by Gelatissimo. The red is for 1 flavor cup, green for 2 flavors cup and blue for 3 flavors cup. Cone is also available if you don’t like the gelato to be  in a cup.


Tada……. Proudly present the Gelatissimo’s Gelato. There are so many flavors. Looks tempting right?


The owner, Mr Hong let us tried out the Affogato as well.


Gelatissimo Mango Shake. Very nice!


Regular version of the shakes.


Mango Gelato. Oh…. Mango! I’m loving it!


Green Tea & Belgian Chocolate Gelato. I can finish them within seconds!


Staffs from Gelatissimo. On the most right is the boss. All the staffs are friendly. You can hear a loud greeting “Hi” and “Welcome”, if you go near to their shop lot.



Before going back, I bought my self a take away pack – 650cc. Guess what are the 2 flavors I chose?


Nice bag for the take away pack.



G-45A Gurney Plaza, Penang
LG-K08, The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley City, KL
G-53, Jusco 1-Utama Shopping Centre, Selangor

Food Promotions
Penang Tua Pui
Mei Yi

Thanks Foodpromotions for the address.

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23 Comments on Gelatissimo @ Penang Gurney Plaza

  1. Wow! You really understand well about Gelato. Salute :D
    Now I can ask my readers to refer to your blog for more info.

  2. Wah… you are super fast nowadays. Any prize for guessing the right take away flavors you chose? Anyway, I hope my guess is right – Mango and Belgium Chocolate. ^-^

  3. meiyi says:

    i guess it’d be mango and green tea?

  4. J2Kfm says:

    can you believe that we can’t even get gelato in Ipoh?
    while in KL, there are sprouting everywhere.
    diff brands even.

    good coverage of Gelatissimo.

  5. ck lam says:

    Indeed a great place for gelato lovers.

  6. NKOTB says:

    wah, i thought somebody said he’s busy thus no time for blogging. :)
    glad you made it so fast! hahahahaha…
    nice shots by the way!!

  7. sock peng says:

    i saw this stall before
    at Mid Valley, The Garden

  8. email2me says:

    Mango and Belgian Chocolate la …. no need to say anymore … your forehead write there already …. I love this stuff! MORE PLEASE!

  9. cariso says:

    Ei, how come you look like the boss of Gelatissimo one?! :)

  10. kikey loo says:

    ice cream also can make review? cool~

  11. allenooi says:

    Food Promotions,
    Good, promote me site more! Hahaha. Thanks for the address ya.

    I still have 75 Celcius and Vintage. You know me, I am very slow one. No prize for the guessing. :)

    Mei Yi,
    You are wrong. :D

    Get it from Penang or KL then.

    Yes, nice place for dessert.

  12. allenooi says:

    Haha, quite busy also. no choice, need to post something after so many weeks. Next post will be the 75 Celcius.

    Sock Peng,
    Look through your post. Have you tried any of them? About the chili chocolate taste, I have replied on your chat box.

    My forehead got wording meh? How come I don’t know one? Haha, anyway, you are right! Yummy yummy…..

    Really? No la…. where got same?

    Anything also can review, if you want to. Join us when you are back. By the way, it is gelato.

  13. mimid3vils says:

    Never try b4 coz it’s too expensive :(

  14. buzzingbee says:

    wah very fast posted already! I haven’t even started to write about this yet. Looking at the pics make me crave for some yummy gelato now!!!!

  15. I had in love with gelato all this while, yes I always stock them in my freezer! :)

  16. yums….so when got review for KL??

  17. gill gill says:

    wah….this round you are fast :P
    yea, thats right….in other words, gelato is worth and healthier than ice cream.

  18. Muz b green tea & belgian choc…yes, coz it’s also my favourite..:)

  19. allie says:

    such a detail info on gelato! Great!
    Looking at the gelato make me want some now..

  20. [...] the Gelatosimmo’s review, we started looking for food. We cannot decide on what to eat. In the end, we [...]

  21. allenooi says:

    But you must try it one day. Very very nice!

    Faster than you this time? LOL.

    Big Boys Oven,
    Can I have some then? Slurp.

    I have no idea either. Waiting for you to organize one. Hahaha.

    Yes, fast fast fast. :)

    Mango and Belgian Chocolate. I love Mango! So your answer is wrong. Too bad, nice try though. Hehe.

    Yes lo…. Before posting, I search through the web to find info. That is why I don’t want to look at the photos. :D

  22. Annie says:

    I’m so gonna try all the flavors *Drool*

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