First of all, I want to welcome all my readers and thanks for visiting Yummy Station. After much consideration, I decided to launch Yummy Station on 28 August. 828, it is a nice number, isn’t it? :)

My loyal readers will know that I have posted many food posts in my another blog. However, that blog is a bit mess up and I wish to have a fully food blog. That is the reason why I have this blog.

I will transfer the food posts from previous blog to Yummy Station, but not all. I will make the decision on which posts to be transferred. All the transferred posts will be reviewed and (maybe) rewrite in a more professional way (Hahaha, I wish I am a professional food critic). In addition, I will add in the Google Map for the convenience of my readers.

Yummy Station will be your one stop station for all Yummy Food.

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1 Comment on Yummy Station Launched on 28 August 2008

  1. constance says:

    wah new blog must congratulations.. hey where is the cake ah? food blog must have cake ma…

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