I knew about this Belacan Rice for quite some time but I never try it. My colleague always asked me to buy for her if I happen to go to Super Tanker Coffee Shop for food. She loves this Belacan Rice from the Thai food stall very much. Beside the Belacan Rice, the Thai Food stall is also selling Thai Pork Leg Rice, Fried Pineapple Rice and Seafood Soup. However, Belacan Rice was their famous dish. Many people are ordering it.

Where is Super Tanker Coffee Shop? It is located at Lengkok Nipah, just opposite the Taman Jubilee market and beside the Phor Tay Secondary School (still under construction). Super Tanker Coffee Shop has a lot of varieties of hawker food.

Before I go further, I think many of you should know what is belacan. Just in case you have no idea or want to have a description on it, here you go. I got it from Wikipedia.

Belacan, a Malay variety of shrimp paste, is prepared from fresh tiny shrimp of a species known as geragau in Malay. These are mashed into a paste and buried for several months. The fermented shrimp are then dug up, fried and hard-pressed into cakes.

Belacan is used as an ingredient in many dishes, or eaten on its own with rice. A common preparation is sambal belacan, made by mixing belacan with chilli peppers, minced garlic, shallot paste and sugar and then fried. The aroma from the frying mixture can be unpalatable to Westerners who have not become accustomed to it, but is an absolute delight to the Asian connoisseur.

Now, back to the Belacan Rice. This was the very first time I ordered the Belacan Rice. I waited for some time and the rice was still missing in action. I cannot wait any longer and went to the stall and asked for it. The owner was preparing it and asked me whether I was OK to bring it myself. I have no problem with that.

Belacan Rice is served together with egg, pork, ikan bilis, onion and mango slice. All the ingredients have been prepared earlier. The rice will be the only one that needs to fry on the spot.

Once the rice is done, all the ingredients will be put on top of the rice and serve to the customers.

The Belacan Rice was yummy to me. The rice was full of the belacan taste. You actually can smell it once you go near to the stall. I like the mango slices. It adds the sour taste to the rice, making it better.

I like the ikan bilis too. There are very crispy.

Now I know why my colleague likes this Belacan Rice so much. I will have it again next time, for sure.


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18 Comments on Thai Food: Belacan Rice

  1. hmmm… we had blog about this stall too…

    great belacan rice… hope to have them maintain their food quality

  2. Criz Lai says:

    So long never go up that area. I used to frequent the Economy Rice stall there as they do have lots of choices. Have you tried the one at the corner coffee shop next to the Shell petrol kiosk near BJ Complex selling at night? Theirs also not bad but their cili real hot :P


  3. kikey says:

    from the pictures they look not that good…

  4. Steven Goh says:

    I had already published that before very long time ago. The tomyam is nice but not as good but I feel that Cherry Sweet and Prontip 1 is better.

    Wah, I had already posted this on last year november. Muahahah….


  5. allie says:

    Been quite sometime since my last visit. I always find that there’s nothing to eat when I was there. Hehe. So, my next visit I can opt for belacan fried rice.

  6. I hardly visit that area… can’t remember who told, there are too many good food in Penang…. no way we can have it all, instead it may take more than 365 days to finish it. :D

  7. JoZe Foo says:

    I like the belacan rice in bayan bay food court. Have you try it before? Love the sambal super spicy!

  8. ck lam says:

    Did a post on this stall when I started blogging. Most of the dishes are good…and belacan rice is one of them.

  9. Tan~* says:

    I don’t know this “Shrimp paste fried rice with side ingredients called “Khao Kluk Kapi” in Thai.
    But in Malaysia called “Belacan Rice” Anyway happy that you also like Thai food.


  10. allenooi says:

    Penang Tua Pui,
    Ya, I knew you posted before. For the quality maintainability, I think you need to go and try it out again to clarify.

    Never try wor…. You know me la. Find one day we go and try lo, OK?

    I think because I didn’t take it in a nice way. Use my phone camera only. But sometimes, the taste cannot be tell by just looking at the photo. Hehe.

  11. allenooi says:

    I knew this has been published many times by others. At first I didn’t think of post it, but I don’t care la, just post it in the end. :) Next round we can go for thai food.

    Hope you like the Belacan Rice. Remember to post about it after you have it.

    New Kid,
    Agree with you. Too many food. How can we finished them?

  12. allenooi says:

    Is it Teluk Bayan that you are mentioning? The one beside the Shell petrol station?

    Seems like most of the floggers have blogged about it. It means that it is famous.

    Yes, I like Thai Food. I like spicy. Hehe. Any good one to recommend? Thanks for dropping by.

  13. Nice to eat it hot. Mmmmmm can smell it from here leh! LOL

  14. Christy says:

    Super Tanker…hahaha, I didn’t know about this one….I didn’t like the food there, coz most of them were on the average:)
    Then again, it’s individual taste:)

  15. allenooi says:

    Wow, so high tech? Can smell from seeing the photo? Hehehe.

    Agree, every person has their own taste bud. Compare to others hawker center which is near me, Super Tanker was not bad already. :)

  16. Was at super tanker last friday . . . not busy at that time, might be rather late, did not notivce this stall but had a great time eating there….

  17. allenooi says:

    Big Boys Oven,
    What you ordered when you were there? Glad that you have a great time eating there. Thanks for dropping by and leaving comment. :)

  18. Modesto says:

    Appreciate this post. Will try it out.

    web site (Modesto)

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