I went to IMM for many times when I was in Singapore. It has become the place for me to meet up my friend. On the 30th November, I went there to meet up one of the blogger, AhhJohn. We went there for lunch. We cannot decide on what to have in the first place. In the end, AhhJohn suggested to have lunch in Swensens. I am OK with it.

After flipping through the menu, I decided to order the Clam Chowder. I don’t want to have the pasta anymore. I remember I tried the Clam Chowder in Food and Tea last time but cannot finish it, since we ordered too many food. This time, I was smart, I just ordered the Clam Chowder.

The Clam Chowder was great! The sourdough was crispy. The soup was so creamy! The ingredients for the soup are baby clams, diced potatoes, carrots, onions and celery. It was served in the sourdough breadbowl. I am not sure Penang Swensens has this item in the menu or not. If yes, I want to try out the here, for me to make the comparison. A must try for everyone!

AhhJohn ordered the Hawaiian Pizza. The Hawaiian pizza consists of chicken ham, green peppers, pineapple, mushrooms, onions and cheese. It was on a tomato base.

I have the chance to try a small piece of it. It was just a very normal Hawaiian pizza to me.

Swensens has many outlets in Singapore, not like in Malaysia. Malaysia only has 4 outlets, 2 in Penang and 2 in Selangor.

Swensens @ IMM

2 Jurong East St 21
Tel: 6566 7554

Business Hours:
Weekdays: 10.30am ~ 10.30pm
Weekends and Public Holiday: 8.30am ~ 10.30pm


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14 Comments on Swensens @ Singapore IMM Shopping Centre

  1. Any differece from the Swensens there compare to the one here in Penang? Do they have “Earth Quake” as well?

  2. allenooi says:

    Earthquake is their popular ice cream, sure it’s in the menu. I tried twice last year when I was there. :)

  3. Kikey Loo says:

    my favorite soup ~ clam chowder!! yum yum!! :D

  4. Wanted to try Swensens long time ago, i like clam chowder!! Drooling.

  5. ahhjohn says:

    yeah~~~ whr’s the pitza? haha~

    hey! Merry Xmas and Happy New Year~

  6. ahhjohn says:

    haha~ now i saw it! walao! u just ate 1/2 piece but u can taste all the ingredient inside dy! GENG! hahahahahah~

  7. Little Inbox says:

    Before the end of 25th Dec, here would like to wish you Merry X’mas!! :D

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  9. Wow have you moved to Singapore permanently or what? Clam chowder looks awesome!! I’m going to hunt this down in our local Swensen’s…

  10. I never like Swensen, especially the one that operates in Penang.

  11. GenYong says:

    Wah it’s so delicious. I like the mushroom soup, it seems so special. Habis the mushroom soup then the ‘bowl’ still can eat!

    Wow the pizza is more tasty than local Pizza Hut right?

  12. allenooi says:

    We go to have the Clam Chowder when you back to Penang, OK?

    You can always ask me to go with you. Haha. :)

    Sure la… I am a food blogger mar. Hahaha, the pizza is just normal, don’t you think so?

  13. allenooi says:

    Little Inbox,
    Although it’s a bit late, I still want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2009!!

    No, I just went there for holidays. I went out to eat with my friends almost everyday. That is why you see so many food post from S’pore. I still have a few. Hehehe.

    New Kid,
    Bad experience? Which outlet?

    You should try the Clam Chowder if you have the chance. For the pizza, normal lo. Nothing so special about it.

  14. vkeong says:

    Clam chowder looked great! I never tried it before ler

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