Sushi Kitchen is back to serve you with all delicious food starting from June 2010!!! Don’t miss the opportunity to try it out! :)

*I got a SMS from Sushi Kitchen today (1st Jan 2010), saying that they will extend the business for another 3 days until 3rd Jan 2010. Please call and make the reservation now in order to taste all the delicious food from Sushi Kitchen. Happy New Year 2010!!!

Sushi Kitchen, from the name, you already know it is a Japanese restaurant. However, Sushi Kitchen serves meatless Japanese food. I was a little bit shock when my friend told me about this. Since they are going to terminate the business, I agreed to go with my friends for dinner.


Entrance. The door is very tight. You need to use your whole energy just to pull the door open.


Newspaper cutting from Guang Ming Daily. The chopsticks used in Sushi Kitchen are environmental friendly and biodegradable.


Before entering into the dining area.


Dining Area, tatami style.


Food preparation area.





Cutlery set.


I visited Sushi Kitchen twice. The food is nice, that is why. :)

During My First Visit

Sweet Potato Noodles – RM4.00
This is a good recommendation from my friend. I like the noodle, together with the gravy. The gravy is just nice, not too salty nor sweet.


This is a must photo for most of the noodles.


Fried Udon – RM7.80
We ordered this as my friend said we can finish it in just 4 mouthful! In fact, it is not. According to her, the portion is bigger if compare to last time when she dined here. The Udon texture is springy. Yummy.


Seaweed Fried Rice (Brown Rice) – RM10.80


This is the recommendation from the waitress. We go for brown rice since the white rice is finish. I like the presentation of this dish. The rice which is covered up by the seaweed placed in the center, surrounded by all the vegetables. Nice! To our surprise, this fried rice is really tasty.


It will be weird if we come to Sushi Kitchen without ordering any Sushi.

Happiness Family (Big) – RM24.80
This combination of sushi is really delicious. Thumbs Up!! There are total of 5 types of Sushi plus the green beans. If you dine with a bunch of friends, this is a must order dish. All sushi are so damn good until we forgot to eat it with wasabi.





Golden Age (3 pcs) – RM8.80
Another yummy sushi. Can you guess what is on top of the sushi? It’s my favorite fruits, MANGO!!! The Mango taste is so good as it is already fully ripe. I have nothing much to say about this. Speechless after put it into my mouth!


Low Beauty Roll – RM6.80


During My Second Visit

I ordered all different food from what I have previously, for the photo taking purpose. I cannot order too many food since we only have 2 persons this time, compare to 3 previously.

G-ken Floss Fried Rice (Brown Rice) – RM10.80
Initially, I want to order the spicy fried rice. Too bad it is not available. In the end, I chose this fried rice instead. I ordered brown rice again since it was really nice. Furthermore, it is more healthy than the white rice. I just found out why it is call G-ken floss. G-ken sounds like Chicken. LOL.


Inside-Out Roll (Mixed Version) – RM9.80 and Rainbow (6 pcs) – RM7.80
The sushi never let me down. It is very delicious and the taste is just great. This time, I remember to try it with wasabi. Perfect match!


Radient Light Fried Udon – RM9.80
This is an add on order. I scared we will not full for just eating the fried rice and sushi. This is the bad choice of the night. It is not that good. Both of us also have the same opinion. I rather order the Sweet Potato Noodle.


By the way, what is the difference between Radient Light Fried Udon and Fried Udon? Radient Light Fried Udon has all the vegetables on top, that’s all.


Overall, the food from Sushi Kitchen is NICE, especially the Fried Rice, Sushi and Sweet Potato Noodles. It is really sad that they are going to terminate their business starting from Jan 1 2010. Which means, 31st December 2009 will be the last business day for Sushi Kitchen. If you never try out Sushi Kitchen, do try your luck to make a reservation on the very last day. I hope you still get your seats!

Before leaving, we left some comments on the wall. If you manage to go on their last business day, you can see that I have added the date for my second visit.


Thank you note for all the comments.


Terminate business notice. It is 16 days left during my first visit.


In Chinese.


2 days left on my second visit.


Good bye Sushi Kitchen, I hope you will reopening soon in the near future! For more information, do visit Sushi Kitchen website:


No 2A-1, Jalan Sungai Ara, Desa Ara, Sungai Ara, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang.
Phone Reservation: 012-591 3311; 017-465 6821

Business Hour:
11.00am ~ 3pm (Last order at 2.15pm)
6.30pm ~ 11pm (Last order at 10.15pm)
Closed on Tuesday.

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16 Comments on Sushi Kitchen – Meatless Japanese Cafe @ Penang Sungai Ara

  1. NKOTB says:

    why they wanna close if they have biz.

  2. mimid3vils says:

    Why such restaurant with good food have to shut down?

  3. funny.. is it a gimmick? LOL

  4. Yew OK says:

    So sad… Well…
    I having lunch in Sushi Kitchen @t last day (3/1/2010)…
    C u again ya…
    GOOD LUCK !!!

    好可惜喔 !!!
    祝福你 !!!

    Best regards,
    Yew OK

  5. allie says:

    So sad that they are closing. Didn’t manage to visit them yet :(

  6. cariso says:

    See? It’s good leh I dragged you there to try. If not, we could have missed a gem.

  7. Lilian says:

    Aiyo…too late to read this post, miss the good food:(

  8. allie says:

    Aiyo.. Cariso, you so bad. Never drag me there :( :P

  9. KC Ong says:

    Heard that they reopen again… Horay!

  10. GHC says:

    Their food SUCKS. Taste AWFUL and i heard there’s prostitute in there.

  11. This place is awesome! It’s a favorite of ours and we’ll do a review of this place soon.

  12. Lilian says:

    Revise yr this blog, as thinking of going during this weekend:)

  13. Honey says:

    Went there..and it was great.. Plan to take a couple of friends for our get together.Finally a place where I can drag a vegetarian, a moslem and good mix of people to sit together without eating limitation. This place reduces the headache because not only these people can go, the food taste is excellent…..just love their Sushis… :-)

  14. cstan15 says:

    their foods are great…my mum and wife are very like it

  15. Go Vege says:

    上星期我和一群朋友从吉隆坡去槟城,驾了很久很久的车程,我们带着又期待又很饿的心情到sushi kitchen品尝素食寿司,由于对那地区不熟又塞车,走了很多冤枉路,用了很多时间来找。最后终于让我们找到了,很兴奋很期待地走到餐馆那里,看到还有几桌空桌,心想幸亏还有位子,就在那时候,有位招待员竟然跟我们说今天全场已被预定没空位了。唉,原来是要预定的…….. 我们跟招待员说明我们从遥远的地方来的,是否可以想想办法。唉,很失望很失望很失望……. 那位招待员并没有任何的表示。从那么遥远带着期待的心情来到槟城的sushi kitchen得到的结论竟然是要带着很失望的心情回去吉隆坡…… 下次还要再到此地吗??

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