allenooi on January 31st, 2010

Chinese New Year is approaching. Many cookies can be found, no matter where you go. Have you bought any yet? If no, let me recommend some CNY cookies which are very nice and delicious. It was made by Bearbee Foodstop. All the cookies are home made. There are 3 types of cookies: Almond London, Cornflake [...]

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allenooi on January 30th, 2010

When I reached Setia Pearl Island, it was still early. I started to take out my camera, thinking of taking some view before proceed to the restaurant. However, my camera seems to be dead after I power on. Oh no….. I forgot to insert the battery after I charged it. Fortunately, it was not too [...]

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It has been a long time I never go to town area for breakfast. I am lazy and it is far from my place. My friend who stayed near me suggested to go town for breakfast one day. I am OK and agree. We headed to Nagore Road, to look for a restaurant called siTigun. [...]

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