I saw Yeng Keng Hotel for the very first time when my friend fetched me for lunch one day and we passed by Chulia Street. If I am the one who is driving, I don’t think I can notice it. Yeng Keng Hotel is located at the core of Georgetown, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Before I go, I called up Yeng Keng Hotel, asking about the car parking. I know it is very hard to find a car park along Chulia Street. The receptionist was not really giving me a good answer about this question. She just told me, you drive inside to the hotel entrance will do. I was like, OK…..

When I reached, I almost missed the entrance. Actually, I missed it at first. Luckily, there is no car behind. I made a reverse and turn into Yeng Keng Hotel. The parking lot is at the back. It is a small parking lot though. I think the most can park up to around 10 cars, if I am not mistaken. There is only one space left when I was there, which is a parking lot for the handicapped. I asked the receptionist whether I can park there. She replied, YES.

I started by wandering around and taking some of the surrounding photos.












Swimming pool.



After the photo taking session, the food is served.



Spring Rolls: RM12.00 (per portion of 2 pcs) / RM24.00 for 4pcs.


Maybe you will think, why the spring roll is so expensive? It is due to the ingredient they used. It has crab meat, chicken meat, prawn, black mushroom, yambean, carrot and onion.


Hainanese Mushroom Soup: RM10.00 (per portion for one person) / RM45.00 for big bowl serving of 10 persons.


I am not a die hard fan for soup. To me, it is not bad after all. The ingredients used include button mushroom, livers, gizzards, fermented black bean, chicken, glass noodles and spring onions.

Yeng Keng Chicken Chop: RM15.00 (per portion for one person) / RM30.00 for serving of 10 persons.


The portion here is for 2 persons. The chicken is a bit salty to my liking. This Chicken Chop is more towards the western style rather than the Hainanese style. The gravy consists of tomato, carrot, cucumber, green pea, sweet corn, onion and button mushroom.


Grilled Fish with Butter Sauce: RM18.00 (per portion for one person) / RM36.00 for serving of 10 persons.


The fish used is dory fish from Vietnam. It is not bad actually. However, same as the chicken chop, the fish is a bit salty.

Braised Lamb Shank: RM35.00 (per portion for one person) / RM70.00 for serving of 10 persons


The portion is really huge. At first, I never see the spaghetti which is underneath the lamb shank. The spaghetti used is from Le Fonteb with the size of 11. I am not really care about which size they used. To me, the taste is more important. The lamb is tender and the spaghetti is nice.

Chicken Pie: RM25.00 (per portion for 3 – 5 persons) / RM35.00 for serving of 10 persons (with extra filling)


The shape of this chicken pie is like a spaceship. Normally, we have a round chicken pie instead of oval. The ingredients inside the chicken pie are chicken, button mushroom, egg, carrot, sweet corn, onion and black mushroom. I still prefer the chicken inside to be boneless chicken. I like the pastry though.


Inchi Kabin: RM30.00 (whole chicken)


This is just a simple and nice dish! The chicken is good. The crackers are a bit oily but overall is OK.

Curry Tumis Promfret (Tau Teh Fish): RM100.00 – RM120.00 (Depending on market price).


If you order this curry and eat with white rice, it will be a superb combination. I like the thick Curry Tumis gravy. Nice! If you don’t like Promfret and wish to opt with other fish, it can be arranged accordingly if you make a reservation early.

Braised Duck with Yam (Ar Or): RM50.00 (half duck) / RM85.00 (whole duck)


I seldom eat duck. This is the very first time I tried out this dish. Not bad at all. The portion we have is just a half duck.

Bomb Alaska: RM20.00 per serving (Serves 4 person)


This is also the very first time I heard and tried this dessert. It consists of butter cake, cocktail fruits, 4 scoops of ice cream, egg white and rum.


The chef is showing us on how to burn the rum and dress this dessert.


After the burning process, here you go…. The final outcome!


We all feel that the butter cake is a bit too dry, make it not so nice when eaten. However, this is very special and worth a try.


Chef and Manager.


After the dinner, Jacky, the manager of Yeng Keng Hotel, lead us to visit their suites, 202 Chulia Suite and 207 Yeng Keng Suite.

202 Chulia Suite




207 Yeng Keng Suite






No.362 is considered one of the oldest surviving intact buildings in the historic enclave of Chulia Street, a vibrant component of the World Heritage Site of George Town. Like many of the other buildings in the neighbourhood, it was originally built in the mid 1800’s as a private residence. The Anglo Indian bungalow belonged initially to Shaik Eusoffe bin Shaik Latiff an Indian Muslim family and remains unique in Chulia Street for not being relegated to the rear of a row of shop-houses blocking its façade.

In 1897 trustees of the Cantonese Club ‘Yin Han Pit Shu’ bought the building on behalf of the association, later donating it to the trustees of the Straits Chinese British Association in 1939. In the early 1900’s, the building was leased to Yeng Keng Hotel.

The conversion from a residence into a hotel was the prevailing trend along the street, at the beginning of the 20th Century. Small places of lodgings that were conveniently reached from the harbour were in great demand as the traffic in the port grew. To add grandeur to the commercial establishment and to distinguish it from the rest of the buildings on the street, an impressive traditional Chinese entrance gate was constructed announcing entry to the ‘Lodging House’.

Conservation and up-grading by the present owner, Hoo Kim Properties Sdn Bhd, was undertaken in 2009 with the renewed Yeng Keng Hotel completed in April 2010.’

Overall, the food was not bad at all! I like most of them although the Chicken Chop and the Grilled Fish were a bit salty to my liking. I also like the pastry of the Chicken Pie. Some of the dishes need to pre order prior to your dining. Make sure you call them up and ask for it before you go to avoid any disappointment. The environment and surroundings are good too! If you are in Penang and want to stay in the town area, Yeng Keng Hotel will be one of the best choices for you to choose from.

362, Chulia Street,
World Heritage City of George Town,
10200 Penang, Malaysia.

Tel: +604 2622 177
Fax: +604 2623 177

Website: www.yengkenghotel.com

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